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Business Litigation

Even if you strive to stay away from the courthouse, business litigation situations are still unavoidable. You may be a plaintiff in a lawsuit, or another party may file a case against you.

Whether you are suing someone or your company has been mentioned as a defendant, you have to face the problem head-on while striving to achieve a positive outcome.

Guzman Firm, PLLC, has the expertise and resources to handle business litigation cases. Hence, I can provide working solutions to ensure the case goes your way.

I offer business litigation services to solve disputes from commercial transactions that are non-criminal. I can guide you through issues such as:

● Fraud disputes
● Breach of contract
● Partnership disputes
● None-compete issues
● Breach of fiduciary duty

It does not matter why you are involved with the business litigation; you just need to be sure of resolving the case. Working with me will make you understand the statute of limitations and the claims being made. This way, you can establish a vigorous case to argue in favor of your preferred outcome.

Intellectual Property

Leading companies within the entertainment, media, arts, and marketing industries rely on Guzman Firm, PLLC, for intellectual property (IP) legal services.

The attorney IP specialist works hand in hand with clients to ensure their IP rights are protected, promoted, and enforced. I also guide clients on how to best exploit and utilize their rights and how they can acquire and leverage the latest IT services and products.

My services incorporate the entire scope of property protection, counseling, litigation, and licensing for innovative designs, trademarks, patents, and copyrights.

These include:

● Litigation
● Creation and review of licensing agreements
● Transactions
● Enforcement
● Due diligence
● Oppositions and cancellations
● Licensing agreement

Guzman Firm’s approach to intellectual property law is always in line with client operations and business strategy. I take my time to understand your unique needs before finally coming up with a tailored IP Path to Value. This will be in line with your company IP legal strategy, as well as your advertising campaign.


Contract disputes, lawsuits from previous clients, and an ADA complaint from a staff member are just some of the common legal issues that SME faces. Then several other matters are more routine, such as establishing a new LLC or coming compiling a commercial lease.

Once in a while, you may need a reliable attorney’s guidance to understand contracts and other related legal issues clearly.

With vast know-how of the legal environment, I can help draft and review the required standard form contracts for your suppliers and clients. I can also help you understand every concept and hot to respond to deals that you may be required to sign.

In case there’s a breach of contract, and you or the other party wishes to enforce the agreement, I will provide all the necessary guidance.

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